If you are planning to open up an Alice Pizza point of sale or you just want to become a pizza chef, here's all you need to know:

  1. Training

    The training courses, held by the master pizza chef Domenico Giovannini, are the key element of Alice Pizza franchise project.

    The one of a kind format provides for an initial training period for pizza chefs at Alice Academy, where they will acquire the foundations of the job along with practical and theoretical knowledge, essential for an innovative approach to this job.

  2. On the job

    The training course is completed in one of Alice shops during a 3-month “on the job” experience. In this period, all the aspiring pizza chefs learn how to manage all the production phases, becoming part of our artisanal production delocalized in every point of sale, the true strength of Alice Pizza.

    The training course for the sale staff is shorter and is provided directly in one of the shops of the chain.

  3. Opening

    During the start-up phase, Alice Pizza provides its affiliates with one-month support, while also helping them to deal with the administration, business and entrepreneurial sphere, also as far as standard and assisted finance is concerned.


Consult our technical documentation. Download pdf file.


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