Our history


The history of Alice Pizza begins in Rome with the entrepreneurial initiative of Domenico Giovannini and his passion for catering, cultivated during his catering studies and fulfilled during his career in several high level companies of this industry. From the earliest times and for over twenty years, Domenico has been focusing on the experimentation of different production techniques and their constant improvement, until he reached the pizza we know and love today.

The first pizza by slice shop was opened in Via delle Grazie, near San Pietro. It was 1990. Over the following years, Domenico has launched many other businesses while also helping many young entrepreneurs, sharing with him the passion for pizza, to open new points of sales via franchising or by providing direct support to them.


The year 1999 represents a turning point for Alice Pizza, thanks to the opening of the point of sale in Via Lazio, in the central area of Via Veneto, followed by the openings in Via Romagna, Via Marche, Via Flavia and Via di San Basilio. The inauguration of these new pizzerias, located in the centre of Rome, allows Alice Pizza to become a household name, especially for the quality of its product.


In 2002, the brand of Alice Pizza was registered: now Domenico owns the trademark and grants the exclusive license to Me & Alice S.r.l., a franchise management company. It is Domenico who also handles the development of the chain in Europe through direct management and franchising.


Since 2006, Alice Pizza has arrived in another important, crowded place: the shopping centre. The first opening in this framework is that of Porta di Roma. After the success achieved in the short term, Domenico decides to open up other pizzerias in other renowned shopping centres in the capital city and in the province: Tiburtino Shopping CenterEuroma2 and Aprilia2. A wide range of customers knows and appreciates Alice Pizza for its high-quality service and the care in every detail, which makes it stand out from the typical restaurants of a shopping centre.


Since 2012 Alice Pizza has increased the number of pizzerias in the area of Rome, covering the whole area of the city, from the old city centre to the suburbs. The moment is come to step out of the capital city, focusing on the rest of the peninsula and offering the roman-style pizza by slice to the most important Italian cities and towns, becoming very popular beyond all expectations.


The idea of franchise was inherent in Alice Pizza's project since its launch, but was realized in 2012 thanks to the new pizzerias being opened. The strength of Domenico’s idea is creating, through the sharing of his expertise, an “artisan” franchise in which pizza chefs and affiliates, starting from a common training, succeed in expressing their individual creativity.