Our manifest

Alice Pizza’s corporate philosophy is based on a few fundamental values ​​that guide the company in its choices and relations with suppliers, partners and customers. Here they are!


The secret of Alice Pizza is in the dough that has remained unchanged for more than 20 years and is characterised by a very small amount of yeast: we use about 2.5 g of yeast per 1 kg of dough.


Alice Academy was established in Via del Gelsomino, near San Pietro, in 2013: this is the first and only training school of the Alice group, where the first part of the aspiring pizza chefs’ training courses takes place.


Generally, franchise chains centralise and industrialise the production processes, standardising the product and trivialising quality. On the contrary, from the very outset Domenico Giovannini’s idea was an artisan production. A contradiction? Not for us, because every day in all shops our pizza chefs make the Alice dough according to the teachings of Domenico and other pizza chefs of our academy.


The purpose of Alice Pizza has always been to create a spirit of collaboration and mutual support between employees, that’s why there’s always an atmosphere of cooperation in our stores and the staff is very attentive to the customer’s needs.


All the recipes by Alice Pizza are rooted in the Italian gastronomic heritage. Our counter and our baking tray feature all the flavours, colours and scents recalling our home and tradition.


The passion for quality is the leitmotiv of all our activities, starting from the selection of the best Italian raw materials. Quality is a vocation that Alice Pizza cultivates in every detail, thus ensuring the trust of its customers.


In the creation of a new pizza and in choosing the combination of ingredients, Alice Pizza constantly looks after its customers, trying to astonish, attract, satisfy, sparks their appetite. Because pizza is good in every moment of your day and your life.


Alice Pizza is committed to creating a spirit of collaboration and synergy among its employees, contributing to the creation of teams that work in harmony. That’s why in our shops you can perceive an atmosphere of mutual collaboration and respect.


The Individual growth and assumption of responsibility are two key elements for Alice Pizza’s partners. Every pizza chef has the opportunity to undertake a career path that will lead him to become a real entrepreneur. This motivation connects all the 150 employees of the company who, with an average age of 26, know that they themselves can become catering managers in the near future.