The dough

Alice is the direct outcome of the Product: years of experience have led to an artisan production process that is reproducible in every point of sale. The secret is in the dough that has remained unchanged for more than 20 years and is characterised by a very small amount of yeast: we use about 2.5 g of yeast per 1 kg of dough.

This means that with 25 g of brewer’s yeast, which a housewife generally uses to make 1 or 2 kg of dough, we make about 25 kg of dough. In this way, the dough becomes rich in oxygen and, after at least a 24 hours rising at a controlled temperature, is gently kneaded and rolled out in the baking tray. Finally, it is seasoned and baked at high temperatures for several minutes in high-quality ovens.

The tens of thousands of customers who daily eat Alice pizzas recognise their goodness, digestibility, fragrance and, above all, their lightness.